Year in Industry Openings at GE HVDC, Stafford

GE HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current), Stafford are offering opportunities for interns to join them from September 2023, for 12 months, as part of students’ year in industry/ industrial placements.

Over the last three years, they have taken 10 interns per year, predominantly across the engineering disciplines but also with opportunities in management. When interns join they are placed within the functional management and allocated work on customer or R&D projects to support the delivery of HVDC systems and products to the market, in addition to following an internal development program to foster their understanding and prepare them for their future careers.

The opportunities can be found through GE’s external jobs site by searching for “Intern”. Links to the 10 roles have also been posted on LinkedIn by Kristoffer Baker, HVDC Engineering Capability Leader.

One thought on “Year in Industry Openings at GE HVDC, Stafford

  1. Thank you for sharing and we are very excited to see the applications coming through. We are still looking for candidates particularly in the controls disciplines and would welcome applications.

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