Lead academic: Prof Phil Mellor, University of Bristol

Universities: Bristol, Greenwich, Imperial College London, Manchester, Nottingham and Warwick.

Research Highlights: The Components Theme drew together underpinning research into packaging technologies, passive components, device switching control, reliability modelling and operational management. The overarching focus was to deliver new capabilities in reliable switch units to maximise the potential offered by wide band-gap power semiconductor devices.

  • Integration of wide band-gap power semiconductor devices into very high frequency power converters has been achieved using a novel high-efficiency regenerative gate drive. A 3 kW Class E inverter operating at 3 MHz has been demonstrated with >95% efficiency and is being used to develop high power wireless power transfer.
  • A novel gate drive capable of actively profiling the gate signal to wide-bandgap devices has been realised. The use of the gate drive has been demonstrated in improved power electronic conversion efficiency with reduce electromagnetic emissions.
  • New approaches to real-time condition monitoring of wide band-gap power semiconductor devices have been developed. Temperature sensitive parameters which can be actively monitored through the gate drive have been identified.


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