Cross-Cutting Projects

Our cross-cutting activities allowed different parts of the Centre to work together in the pursuit of common goals.

Four projects were funded, with an overall value of £1.77 million.

Operational management and control of SiC power modules in press-pack
Professor Olayiwola Alatise, University of Warwick

This project combined research expertise from the devices, components and converters themes to model, design, assemble and test the first SiC power devices in pressure packages. The devices demonstrated excellent thermomechanical reliability by undergoing over power 15000 cycles with no change in transient thermal impedance and excellent ON-state performance.

Multi-domain optimisation and virtual prototyping for high-density power electronics systems
Professor Xibo Yuan, University of Bristol

This project addressed the design and development of a multi-domain modelling and design tool based on virtual prototyping approaches to enable the co- design and optimisation of power-dense and highly-integrated power electronic converters. This work involved the converters, components and integrated drives themes.

Compact and efficient off-line LED drivers using 800V lateral IGBTs and chip-on-board assembly
Professor Florin Udrea, University of Cambridge

Involving all four themes from Tranche One, this project targeted the design, assembly and demonstration of a fully functional, compact, AC-DC LED driver using for the first time 700V rated Lateral Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (LIGBTs) and flip-chip and chip-on-board (COB) packaging techniques.

Next generation integrated drives
Professor Barrie Mecrow and Dr Simon Lambert, Newcastle University

Bringing together all four themes from Tranche One, this project developed an application-targeted prototype drive featuring a modular, silicon carbide inverter mounted within the machine housing and a common liquid cooling circuit.