Lead academic: Prof Philip Mawby, University of Warwick

Universities: Bristol, Cambridge, Newcastle and Warwick

Research Highlights: The aim of the Devices Theme was to make a significant contribution to semiconductor power device technology performance in a number of strategic areas, including power IC technology, advanced super-junction IGBT structures in silicon, as well as wide band-gap devices in silicon carbide and gallium nitride.

  • Advanced Silicon Trench IGBT Architecture – a 20 percent improvement in on-state performance was demonstrated
    10kV MOSFET mask layout
  • Improved SiC Gate Oxidation Processes – the team doubled thechannel mobility compared to standard oxidation processes
  • Trench SiC MOSFET development – the team delivered the first 1.2kV, 3.3kV and 10kV powerMOSFETs devices to be built in the UK


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