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For the benefit of the Power Electronics and Machine Drives (PEMD) community, we will be making a variety of online talks accessible through this page.

CPE Online Talks

Long-Haul Road Freight: Hydrogen or Electricity? 
Professor David Cebon, University of Cambridge
Wednesday 1 February 2023

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Abstract: Long-haul road freight is said to be one of the ‘difficult to decarbonise’ sectors of the economy. Heavy vehicles require large amounts of power for long periods of time, making battery electric technologies challenging. There are two main alternatives to battery-electric vehicles: fuel-cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen and battery electric vehicle technology, with various charging options. The heavy vehicle industry is currently divided over which technology to back, with the government spending approx. £200m on demonstration trials to help it decide which way to go. This talk will consider the basic numbers associated with these issues and will show that one option makes sense, while the other doesn’t.

Biography: David Cebon, PhD, FREng, FIMechE is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Cambridge University Engineering Department, where he has been a member of staff since 1985. He leads the Department’s Transport Research Grou and the Department’s research theme ‘Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure’. He is the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium. Professor Cebon has authored or co-authored many papers on dynamics, safety, manoeuvrability and decarbonisation of heavy vehicles. He has also published widely on road and bridge response and damage as well as asphalt micromechanics.

This talk was organised in collaboration with Professor Layi Alatise, University of Warwick.

Cambridge GaN Devices Tutorial Webinar Series

In 2023 Cambridge GaN Devices began a new Tutorial Webinar Series. Across the series, their GaN experts will share their insights on GaN for efficient power conversion and how CGD’s HV technology ICeGaN™ enables ease of use and the highest performance.

Webinar One: Powering up the future with GaN
In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The basics of GaN vs Si and SiC
  • The potential benefits of broad adoption of GaN
  • Different concepts of currently available GaN technology

See the presentation slides: Powering Up the Future with GaN