Video series on Advanced Power Electronic Design (ElectronicMinds and University of Warwick)

‘Powerful Knowledge’ is a free to access series of eighteen in depth videos covering many aspects of advanced power electronic design, each about 1 hour long. Funded by Innovate UK in 2020 and produced as a partnership between ElectronicMinds and the University of Warwick, this series is a great way to familiarise yourself with key subject areas in power conversion with a strong focus on hands on practical design.


Powerful Knowledge 1 – Introduction and overview
Overview and introduction to the series

Powerful Knowledge 2 – ac-dc and dc-ac conversion
Covers ac-dc and dc-ac conversion. Includes passive and active methods including harmonic correction

Powerful Knowledge 3 – dc-dc conversion
Covers isolated dc-dc conversion with examples of flyback and LLC topologies

Powerful Knowledge 4 – Power semiconductor device overview
Discusses trade-offs between common semiconductor devices including bipolar (IGBT) and unipolar (MOSFETs). Includes details on wide bandgap technology such as silicon carbide

Powerful Knowledge 5 – Electrothermal characterisation of SIC power MOSFETs
This webinar details latest research at Warwick University focused on silicon carbide power device behaviour

Powerful Knowledge 6 – Gate drive design
We cover lots of details in advanced gate drive design with examples from a 2kW LLC using silicon carbide

Powerful Knowledge 7 – SIC power device reliability and robustness
This webinar presents some of the latest research at Warwick University discussing reliability of silicon carbide power devices

Powerful Knowledge 8 – Gate oxide and threshold voltage instabilities in SIC power MOSFETs
This webinar details how the gates of silicon carbide MOSFETs are more fragile than their silicon counterparts

Powerful Knowledge 9 – Magnetics design for high performance power converters
Magnetics design is key to high performance power electronics. We discuss design methodologies and loss mechanisms in detail

Powerful Knowledge 10 – Finite element modelling of magnetic components
This webinar demonstrates how a free to download FEA tool called FEMM can be used to enhance the design of custom magnetics. Examples include a 2kW LLC converter transformer

Powerful Knowledge 11 – Packaging of power semiconductors
Power Semiconductor packing is key to reliable device operation and this webinar discusses key aspects of this important area

Powerful Knowledge 12 – Thermal management in power electronics
Thermal management is key to reliability in power electronics. This webinar discusses key techniques and design tradeoffs involved

Powerful Knowledge 13 – Simulation in power electronics
Used correctly, simulation is a powerful tool for de-risking power electronic system development. We include examples using PSpice and PLECs

Powerful Knowledge 14 – Reliability modelling
Statistical techniques can be used to predict failure rates of systems. This webinar outlines some useful approaches to model reliability with these statistical methods

Powerful Knowledge 15 – Condition monitoring in power electronics
This webinar discusses how parameter degradation in power semiconductors can be used to indicate their condition and state of health

Powerful Knowledge 16 – Analog control in power electronics
We discuss common approaches used to implement closed loop control of power converters using traditional analog circuitry

Powerful Knowledge 17 – Digital control in power electronics
We expand on our analog control webinar to cover digital control techniques where a real time processor implements discrete time control

Powerful Knowledge 18 – EMI in power electronics
EMI is often a challenge in power electronics and this webinar covers noise sources, transmission paths and mitigation. We include practical tips and tricks to help designers with debug.

Link to series video playlist

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