Heterogeneous Integration

Lead academic: Prof Lee Empringham, University of Nottingham

Universities: Loughborough and Nottingham

2MHz GaN integrated converter

Research Highlights: The Heterogeneous Integration Theme aims to develop design and manufacturing methodologies to enable the integration of power devices, interconnect, passive components, EMI reducing structures and thermal management techniques in a single manufacturing process.

  • Use of gel casting to create versatile magnetic core components with controllable magnetic characteristics
  • Development of embedding technologies for high current power conversion
  • Validation of methodologies for the creation of low inductance commutation loops for high speed switching devices
  • Development of embedded structures for containment of EMI within power modules


To fully realise the potential of WBG technologies, new design and manufacturing approaches will be needed – from switching devices through to system level connections.

Heterogeneous Integration can be described as ‘the combination of dissimilar materials and components to create multi-featured, functional blocks or ‘systems’. This project theme will address aspects related to the inclusion of components more traditionally seen at a system level, within new and innovative power module structures.

This technology will not only reduce the problems associated with the thermal management of the system but will also create a much easier to use ‘system block’ for the designer. This should   accelerate the uptake of WBG semiconductors by manufacturers by bringing added benefits such as a reduction in the use of raw materials and increased energy savings.