Centre for Power Electronics Conference Exhibitors 2021

This year for the 13th – 15th July blended Centre Conference we are pleased to have the support of the following exhibitors:

Conference sponsors will be giving presentations on each day of the conference, please see below further information on each sponsor.

Register for the 13th-15th July Conference here: CPE2021 – Centre for Power Electronics Annual Conference: 13-15 July 2021 – iMAPS-UK – UK Chapter of the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society


  • Cupio Ltd – Non-Destructive Test Equipment and Failure Analysis

Cupio supplies and supports inspection from the Nordson Test and Inspection Group which
includes systems for X Ray of solder die attach both in line and stand alone and optical systems for the measurement of die bonds, bond attach, underfill and contamination. Cupio also provides failure analysis and inspection services at our facility in Basingstoke.

The newly formed Industrialisation Centres led by Newcastle University, will play a vital role in helping businesses capitalise on the net zero opportunities presented in the Power Electronics, Machines and Drives supply chain and provide businesses with the opportunity to:

  • develop manufacturing process technologies
  • industrialise the processes needed for power electronics, electric machines and drives scale up
  • reduce risk by sharing expertise, technical advice and facilities.

Together they will help businesses scale up the use of electric-powered vehicles and machines across a range of industries and transport systems to grow the UK supply chain, making the UK an industry world leader.

Find out more about the Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centres at the CPE Conference or visit www.der-ic.org.uk

A Global Business Unit of the Heraeus Group is one of the leading manufacturers of materials for the assembly and packaging of devices in the electronics industry. The company develops sophisticated materials solutions for consumer electronics and computing, automotive,
LED, power electronics and communications.
Core competences include bonding wires, assembly materials, thick film pastes as well as substrates, and their integration into perfectly matched systems.
The innovative product portfolio, the application knowhow and expertise in matching materials are qualifying Heraeus Electronics to support customers in a unique way. Heraeus Electronics does not only have the knowhow to integrate materials in a system, but also has a deep understanding of optimizing materials and material combinations and the possibility to test them under real conditions. This leads to higher speed, lower costs and above all to better devices.

  • Inseto Ltd – Manufacturing Equipment, assembly materials and adhesives

Inseto provides manufacturing equipment, plus assembly materials and adhesives for microelectronic research & production.
Products include: vacuum reflow systems, plasma cleaners/etchers, probers, dicing & scribing systems, die sort and bonders, wire bonders, pull/shear test equipment, in addition to complementary machine consumables and materials.

  • ipTest Ltd – Production testers for Power Semiconductors

ipTest designs and manufactures a range of high volume production testers for all types of discrete power semiconductors for both back end and wafer applications. We are an engineering based organisation located in Surrey, UK and focus on developing solutions for testing challenging new technologies such as GaN and SiC as well as for the latest generation of mosfets , IGBT’s, diodes, SCR’s and bipolars . We invest heavily in R&D and have a dedicated custom engineering team to design unique test systems for custom applications.
Our first Mostrak tester was introduced in 1987 and was the world’s first indexed parallel test system, offering production throughput increases between 2 and 4 times the output of competitive systems for wafer and back end. Our latest Mostrak 2 (M2) system provides comprehensive testing for power MOSFETs, in parallel at the fastest possible throughput rates, using test type specific resources. M2 has multiple test generators that can be used to perform static parameter tests, transient thermal tests, avalanche energy tests and dynamic switching tests. The module small footprint system gets the tester as close as possible to the handler interface so it can operate at the highest possible speeds and UPH.

The demand for energy and power is rising. Among the causes are the rapid growth in renewables,
electrification of transportation and industrial automation as well as the increasing storage, transmission and availability of data. Consequently, power electronics have become a key differentiator in electronic systems and services.
Engineers working in the fields of embedded power, power conversion and motor drive electronics often face contradictory design challenges. These include reliability and power efficiency, reduced size and weight, as well as compliance related matters. Rohde & Schwarz offers test and measurement solutions that will help you overcome these challenges meet your design goals and be faster to the market.

  • Zeiss Microscopy – Materials Characterisation and Failure Analysis Equipment

ZEISS has the most comprehensive portfolio of light, Xray, electron beam and ion beam imaging technologies in the industry and is a leading solution provider to the global semiconductor community. Solutions span semiconductor manufacturing from wafer fab through packaging and assembly. ZEISS materials characterization and non destructive failure analysis solutions deliver actionable information to both wafer fab and packaging/assembly processes to meet the semiconductor industry’s challenges for next generation devices.


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