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CPE Annual Conference 2023

From July 4, 2023 to July 5, 2023

The CPE Annual Conference 2023 Event Page is open for registration for Attendees, Sponsors and Exhibitors.

The two-day Conference will feature a range of academic and industry presentations, an opportunity for students and postdoctoral researchers to present and develop their research through posters/oral presentations, and to network with speakers, exhibitors and fellow attendees during the day and at an evening BBQ on Tuesday 4 July 2023. A visit to the state-of-the art Lab facilities at the University of Nottingham Power Electronics and Machines Centre (PEMC) will also be organised.

A pre-Conference workshop on Power Electronics Devices and Packaging is also being arranged on Monday 3 July 2023 at the same venue. The event page is now also open for registration