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The Future Power Challenge 2017 -18

The Future Power Challenge 2017 is sponsored by GaN Systems Inc, Efficient Power Corporation Inc, Analog Devices Inc, and Peregrine Semiconductor. It is supported by the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics.

About the Challenge

This competition is for projects that involve students in research activities, working with qualified research teams, or as part of an industrial team in a placement with industry.  Eligible projects will be carrying out research that has the potential to accelerate the introduction of high speed switching electronic converter designs into future production. Research may have already started, or may be a totally new investigation. There is no need for it to be complete by the date of the competition.

Your team will be asked to present a poster at the Future Power Challenge Poster Event in March 2018.

Entries will be judged on the quality of the research and its potential for generating impact.

Download the Future Power Challenge Process and Guidance

Download the Future Power Challenge Registration Form

Why take part?

prize of £2,000 will be made to the winning team, but the experience itself should be rewarding.

Last year’s winning team from Imperial College presented a joint paper with GaN Systems on wireless charging at APEC this year. A video of a demonstrator of their winning project, How wireless power charging could recharge a flying drone, was featured by BBC Click and has resulted in considerable interest in their work.

In addition, a team from the University of Bristol have patented a wide-band current sensor and licensed the technology to RAM Innovations to create a family of products.  Teams that include the Universities of Bath, Nottingham and Cambridge have submitted applications for collaborative funding together with industry partners to the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and Innovate UK.

Next steps:

To register your entry with the Centre for Power Electronics by 1 October 2017, complete the registration form and email it to the Centre for Power Electronics.


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