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Funding Opportunities

Impact Acceleration Fellowships

The EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics (CPE) and EPSRC Challenge Network in Automotive Power Electronics (CN) are offering Impact Acceleration Fellowships for up to 6 months, with funding of up to £45,000. This is a  single-stage managed call, with a total of £200,000 available split equally between CPE and Challenge Network Fellowships.

Scope of this call

This call is open to all research fellows and academics at eligible organisations. Activities should aim to have a positive RoI (Return on Investment), and should deliver against one or more of the following targets:

  • Knowledge Transfer from academia to industry (For example, through secondments).
  • Potential to secure future income from Business Engagement (For example, through Services Rendered, Consultancy, Contract/Collaborative Research).
  • Technology Translation (For example, applications for further funding at the end of the programme).

Eligible activities include: 

  • Secondments to industry or external stakeholder organisations – buying out time to work outside academia in order to develop or strengthen external relationships.
  • Strategic Initiative Development –development of specific initiatives with the aim of forming new enterprises or research relationships with industry.
  • Proof of Concept studies – early-stage IP-based projects building on EPSRC-funded research and leading to further translational funding.
  • Commercial Accelerator Awards – achieving a specific technical or commercial milestone in the translation/development of a technology leading to further translational funding. 

How to apply

The awards made by the CPE and CN have the same terms and conditions as most EPSRC awards, with some additional terms and conditions related to  reporting and operational requirements. Applicants must adhere to the page and space limits and a “sans serif” font of minimum size 11 points.

For further guidance, please see the CPE-CN-Impact-Guidelines PDF fiel type icon

Submission documents

The submitted proposal should include the following:


Page limit

Application Form


Completed form

Project Gantt chart (or similar)

A presentation of progress against time for the work proposed. This should include indications of key deliverables and milestones. Where impact is likely to accrue beyond the project duration the chart should also include details of expected outcomes and their timing.

1 page

Justification of resources

As for EPSRC submissions, a detailed justification by heading is required. Include details on roles of Investigators to justify inclusion.

1 page

Finance Form

Where more than one institution is involved in the project, include a completed copy of the breakdown form for each institution. The total budget should be consolidated onto the summary page.

Completed form plus 1 page per HEI

Letters of support

A letter from each collaborating company is required. These should describe why the partners are involved, their contributions (direct and indirect) and what they hope to achieve from the collaboration.

For secondment activities a letter of support must be provided by the applicant’s line manager

No limit


For secondment activities a copy of the applicant’s CV must be provided

2 pages


The application and selection timeline

Deadline for submission of full proposals by email:  28 April 2017 at 3pm

Successful proposals shall be announced by 5 July 2017

Researcher Exchange Scheme

Funding is available for researchers who want to take an overseas secondment to initiate a collaborative project with an external research organisation and for external researchers who wish to initiate a collaborative project with a UK University, affiliated to the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics. 

The scheme provides the travel and subsistence costs of the exchange and a contribution towards research costs, with the funding being capped at a maximum of £6,000. The salary/stipend costs will need to be met by the applicant’s current university.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must:

  • Be a researcher with a UK University affiliated to the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics or be a researcher at a leading international research organisation pursuing research into the topics covered by the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics.
  • Hold a funded research post or be registered for a PhD degree. There should be sufficient duration remaining to cover the research exchange and a period after to disseminate the outcomes.
  • Be at a stage in their career when they would particularly benefit from establishing or strengthening links with the host research organisation, as a foundation for long-term collaboration and development.

The research topic of the secondment must:

  • Be related to the activities of the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics.
  • Complement and enhance the research being undertaken by the applicant.
  • Be aimed towards a joint author academic publication with the host organisation. Other research outputs would be possible if justified in the application.

A condition of the award is that the outcomes of the secondment will be disseminated to the UK Power Electronics community.

Value and Tenure

The scheme provides the applicant’s travel and accommodation costs and a contribution to research costs. The employing organisation continues to pay the applicant’s salary/stipend.  Awards can be for any period to cover up to 3 months full-time secondment. The award can be taken over a longer period in the case of multiple visits, such as two shorter secondments with a period in between. However the aim is for the applicant to spend a substantive period working at the host international institute.

Application Process

Applications will be assessed by the Centre’s Executive Group which meets quarterly, in the months of February, May, August and November. Whilst there are no set closing dates for this call, fully completed applications should be submitted sufficiently in advance, to be considered at the following Executive Meeting. It is expected that applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within a month after the Executive Meeting, at which their application was considered.

Researcher Exchange Scheme Application Form PDF fiel type icon

Please forward all completed applications to correspondence@powerelectronics.ac.uk

EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

Email: correspondence@powerelectronics.ac.uk