EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics
University of Nottingham
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Centre for Power Electronics Projects


Power electronics and electrical machines are key components in a low-carbon future, enabling energy-efficient conversion and control solutions for a wide variety of energy and transportation applications.

The strength of the UK manufacturing base and its strategic importance to the UK was highlighted in the UK government strategy document "Power Electronics: A Strategy for Success" (UK government Department for Business Innovation and Skills, October 2011). This calls for concerted action across the industrial and academic communities to ensure that the full potential of this growing global market can be realised for the UK economy.



The EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics brings together the very best research groups in a UK-wide, world-leading, multi-disciplinary, virtual centre. Deep involvement of users and Government provides the industry and policy context for directing the generic science research into the development of new technologies which can subsequently be translated into an applications context.

The Centre is organised with four main themes in a logical hierarchy from devices to drives and with three cross cutting topics which draw on and link together the expertise across the four main themes. 

Research Objectives

Our aim is to bring together the leading academic research groups from across the UK to:

  • Address key research challenges through a coordinated programme.
  • Build critical mass in the area of power electronics.
  • Develop a widely recognised internationally leading research capability.
  • Develop a UK research strategy for power electronics which will build on foresight activities to inform our research direction.

EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

Email: correspondence@powerelectronics.ac.uk