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EPSRC Automotive Challenge Network


Creating a Propulsion Nation

The EPSRC Automotive Challenge Network brings together the academic and industrial communities working in automotive power electronics, to address the long term challenges of automotive electrical-power conversion and conditioning systems.

Power electronics is a key enabling technology for all hybrid-electric and electric vehicles. The Challenge Network brings industry and the academic community work together to ensure that innovative, academic-led, science inspired research is channelled to deliver long-term benefits to industry.

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Workshops and Events

 The Challenge Network holds a number of events, to bring its members together.

  •  Workshops – where technical challenges are debated
  •  Sandpits – to address specific research challenges, including responses to EPSRC and other funding calls.
  •  Annual Conference – held in partnership with the Advanced Propulsion Centre Power Electronics Spoke

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer between the academic and industrial communities is encouraged through exchange of ideas and people, and is supported by joint industry and Network funding.

Research Strategy

The Network has developed a strategy report based on the input from the joint industry and academia workshops and other events, as well as using data collected in an annual survey. It covers research capability and provides a snap shot of the current research portfolio.

Further information about Challenge Network Funded Projects


EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

The Challenge Network complements and supports CPE’s activities. It provides automotive sector-specific community support and coordinates academic research to address long-term technical challenges. CPE focusses on underpinning research at low-TRL that can be applied to many sectors. The Challenge Network however, focusses on strategic activities for the automotive sector.

Advanced Propulsion Centre

The Advanced Propulsion Centre delivers a nationwide network of propulsion capability through its Hub and Spoke model. The thematic spoke in Power Electronics is strongly linked to the Challenge Network but has different objectives. The Spoke addresses industry-led, high –TRL research and development. The Challenge Network addresses academic-led, low TRL, science inspired research.

EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

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