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Steering and Advisory Group

Our Steering and Advisory Group (STAG), is made up of representatives from the international academic and industrial communities, as well as from Techworks and EPSRC. It is chaired by an independent representative appointed in consultation with EPSRC,  and forms the governing body for the Centre.

Non-voting representation of the operational Hub is provided by the Centre Manager, Business Development Manager and Industry Champion.

The STAG meets twice a year and in response to requests for approval. The group reports to the Executive to provide their views on progress and possible future direction.

STAG Group members

Peter Collier: MTC

Colin Davidson: UK Grid Solutions Ltd

Bill Drury: Royal Academy of Engineering

Will Drury: Ricardo UK Limited

Paul Huggett: The KTN

Mark Johnson: Centre for Power Electronics

Leo Lorenz: ECPE

Alastair McGibbon: CSA Catapult

Adam McLoughlin: Rolls Royce

Cerianne Whitehead: EPSRC

Steve Riches: Tribus D

Phil Surman: PPM Limited

Peter Tavner: Durham University

Paul Taylor: Independent

Phil Townsend: IXYS UK Westcode Ltd

Doug Warne: ReMACS




EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

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