EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics
University of Nottingham
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Founded in 2013 as part of a direct response to the BIS Strategy for Power Electronics, the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics brings together the very best research groups in a UK-wide, world-leading, multi-disciplinary, virtual centre. Deep involvement of users and Government provides the industry and policy context for directing generic research into new technologies which can subsequently be translated into an applications context.

Our core research activities focus on fundamental power electronics research at low technology readiness level (TRL) and hence support a wide range of application areas with a medium to long-term time horizon. A number of ambitious cross-institution projects build on the core research and seek to exploit the strength and breadth of UK talent. Our programme of funding calls has targeted early career researchers, international exchange visits and feasibility projects with the aim of broadening participation in the Centre’s activities.

Building skills and capacity are at the heart of our strategy with community support activities including workshops, tutorials and an annual conference. We coordinate a Power Electronics Doctorate Scheme, involving leading universities in partnership with industry, to develop the next generation of leaders in power electronics innovation. A vibrant researcher network, operating across the Centre, facilitates peer-to-peer support promoting collaboration in problem solving and innovation.

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EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

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